ZiiPOS – How to Setup a Menu

This guide will step through each of the parts required for creating a menu from scratch.
Each menu is built on a 4-level structure, which can be used to separate out products and options depending on the order type, time, or selections.

While working on the menu, accessing the different Settings Panel tools is from the left menu panel. See below image.

1. Menu group

First of all, you need to set up the menu group, which is the first level of classification. Click “menu group” then make a new one.

You have to input the code which cannot be duplicated of an existing menu group, and name it by inputting the name in description.
The following 4 toggle buttons below will provide limitations for the ordering availability of this Menu Group and its associated Categories.

Click “save” to save the menu group you set.

Optional Step:
An available time can then be set for a menu group by clicking “modify available time”.

You can set a time range as you need and name it, and choose the menu group you want to apply it to. Then save the settings.

Note: If the available time period set for a menu group overlaps another, then some products will display differently:
ZiiTO – The first matching Menu Group time will be displayed.
ZiiPOS, Online Ordering, TableQR – Will display all available Menu Groups, in the order they are found.

2. Category

Second, you need to set a category, which is the second level classification. You can find a selection named “Category”.
To create a new Category, select “New”, or select the Category you would like to modify.

Minimum details required are the Code (must be unique), and Name (visible to users). Category must then be assigned to a Menu Group (see fig 1 in the above image).

  1. Choose one or more related menu groups so that this category will have the attribute you set of the menu group, and it will be displayed under the menu groups in order page.
  2. You can also choose a background color for it.
  3. Check the boxes of dining mode to limit it of the items belonging to THIS CATEGORY.
  4. You can set a minimum or maximum pre order quantity of items belonging to THIS CATEGORY by setting the value. (Circle 4)
  5. You can limit whether the items belonging to THIS CATEGORY are available for QR order or online order.
  6. The name of this category displayed on QR order or online order can be different from it on POS or others. Input the name you want and it can be set.

3. Items

Third, find the option named “Item” and click New if product does not exist, or select the Item if already existing.
Note: Items cannot be deleted from the system, only disabled from menu availability.

Each Item has a large set of inputs and options to allow for a flexible menu design.
Below are a series of configurations available for Items.
Minimum required details to save a new item:
– Unique Code (fig 3)
Category to assign the Item (fig 4)
Item Group for the ZiiPOS reporting (fig 4)
– Item Description, which is the display name of the Item (fig 5)

How to set an image for the item displayed on POS.
  1. Tag to change the image.
How to set a border color displayed on POS of this item.
  • 2. You can select a border color. It is optional.
How to set the code of the item.
  • 3. Input a code for this item.
How to limit belonging category and item group.
  • 4. Select categories and item groups in circled place.
How to modify the item name displayed on POS and ZiiTo.
  • 5. Set a name for this item. You can set names up to 4.
How to set the item printed by a certain printer.
  • 6. Select a printer to print the job list of this item. You can set it up to 4.
How to set more than one prices for an item.
  • 7. Turn on “Multiple Price”, there will be 3 more price choices you can set.
How to set a different price on weekend.

7.  Make sure you turned the weekend price button on in settings then input a price as you want. “0” means no weekend price, and it will be the same with the normal price. (Click here to check how to turn on weekend price function in settings.)

How to set an online price for the item.

7.  Make sure the category and menu group that this item belongs to support online order then input a price as you want. “0” means no online price, and it will be the same with the normal price.

How to set a special price for the item.

7.  Make sure you turned the special price button on in settings then input a price as you want. “0” means no special price, and it will be the same with the normal price. (Click here to check how to turn on special price function in settings.)

How to set a package price.

7.  Input a price as you want. “0” means package price of this item is 0.

How to record the cost of an item.

7.   Input a figure as the cost.

How to record the bar code.

7.   scan the item bar code or input one manually.

How to set an item’s price to be floating.

Turn on “Open price”, the price will not be stable, and you can set a price when you sell the item.

extra settings

How to limit the sales qty of an item and a default qty.

1. Click extra setting. You can set default sales QTY and maximum sales QTY. After setting a default qty, an item will be ordered as the qty you set, tap the item to change the qty after ordering.

How to set a single item allowed redeem or not.

2. Turn on the first button.

How to set an item allowed to discount or not.

2. Turn on the second button.

How to set other charge for a single item.

2. Turn on the third button, but make sure “other charge” button is on in “Profile” and select “charge for single item”. (Click here to check this setting.)

How to make an item displayed “sold out” when order.

2. Turn on the fourth button

How to mark an item as a time-consuming one.

2. Turn on the fifth button

How to set an item available for OR order or online order or not.

3. You can limit whether this item is sold by QR order or online order or not. But make sure the belonged category is available for QR order and online order.

How to set a name or image of an item for QR order or online order

3. You can set a different name and image for it in circled place.

How to set a kitchen screen to display the item

4. You can choose a kitchen screen to displayed this item when it is ordered.

How to remark for an item

5. You can input ingredients or any brief descriptions.

Save the item.

4. Instruction and Option Sets

Instruction and Option Sets provide granular flexibility each Menu Item, allowing for pre-defined notes, modifications and options to be added.

There are some definable constraints which are important to understand:
Instruction Set – Each Item can have 3 “Sets” of Instructions, they can only have a quantity of 1, and will show in the POS as a single scrolling page. Pricing is Item level.
Option Set – You can add up to 10 Option Sets to an Item, each option will have the quantity option within POS and Online Ordering, pricing is set globally instead of item level. Each Option Set will show on its own page.

Create a new instruction

1. Select Instruction from the left menu panel.
2. Create new Instructions by selecting the New button in the top right.
3. Fill in the corresponding details (Description, Category, Item Group, Price), then select Save.

Create a new Option Set

1. Select on the menu tab on the left side of the screen and select Option Set.
2. Choose the appropriate menu group, then select New on the top right of the screen to create a new Option Set.
3. Fill in the description and choose the appropriate category.
4. Select Add and choose the appropriate items and instructions to add to the Option Set.
5. Select Save.

Note: Items can only be added to the option set if they are within the same menu group

Assign to Items

When Instructions and Option Sets have been created, you can then assign them to each Item.

1. Go to the Items, from the the left menu panel, and locate the relevant Item.
2. Select the tab labelled Instruction, to build the Instruction Set – Allows to add individual Instructions and set pricing for this item.
Select the tab labelled Option Set to attach the pre-built Option Set – Allows for global management of a defined Option Set across all Items it has been assigned to.
3. Select the Add button, then search for the Instruction or Option Set to add, then select Add to attach.
4. Select Save for the Item.

Extra: Item groups

An extra set of grouping, which is used in reporting, is Item Groups.
An item group is the basic attribute classification of an item. For example, you can define a Category as Drinks, which cola belongs to, but the Item Group of cola is “Soda”.
It will NOT be a classification displayed on menu, so you can also define it as you need.

1. Find the selection named “item group” and click “new”.

2. Input the item group name and save.

Updated on 31 August 2022

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