Instructions to Change ANZ Move 5000 Back to Stand Alone Mode

Please make sure it is for ANZ World Link at the first!

Please make the customer received the EFTPOS Machine after 01/08/2023

This process will take about 20-30 Mins

=========== Resetting Terminal ====================

STEP 1:Press the circle button on keypad

STEP 3:Enter Password (your terminal password – unique for each device)

STEP 4:Go into Setup (5) and then select Trm Reset (4)

STEP 5:Enter Password 1235789 (universal password)

STEP 6:Wait for a while for it to reset, once complete the terminal is ready to setup in different modes.

=========== Terminal initialization Setting====================

STEP 7: Press circle button and press Pre-configure

STEP 8: Press Standalone

STEP 10: Choose the way you want the communication Mobile Net (2)

STEP 11:Choose country (in this case 5 – Australia)

STEP 12:Choose Optus (1)

STEP 13: configure sim card 2 and select the country

STEP 14: This time select Telstra

STEP 15: Choose SIM SLOT (Activating Sim Card, it will take a while, around 30sec)

STEP 16: Productive Server, just choose the top option

STEP 17: Initializing GPRS Module, will take a little while,

When it comes back online then it’s ready to connect to POS