Zii Inventory–How to Do Products Receiving

Go to “Purchase Order”.

Find the order by setting up some filters or entering the order number, and then clicking “Search”.

Doulble click the item, or click “Edit” next to it.

Click “RECEIVE PRODUCTS” to go to the “Receive-in” ticket.

Choose the item’s warehouse.

Or click the icon to select a warehouse for all items.

  • If the warehouse is enabled with location management, please click the blank uner “Detail”.
  • Click “Add a line”.
  • Record its location and click “Yes” to save.

Click “Save” to save.

To approve this receive-in ticket, click “APPROVE”. Only after being approved will it be counted in the item’s stock-on-hand quantity.

Then the products are received in.

Updated on 7 May 2024

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