Pairing NAB Move/5000 to ZiiPOS with Linkly Cloud

ZiiPOS integrates with Linkly Cloud Connect, so you can connect to your payment terminal via the cloud.

If you’re interested in using Linkly Cloud Connect:

Sign up with your bank for a EFTPOS terminal. You will be given the credentials that will allow you to access Linkly Cloud Connect via ZiiPOS. Different terminals may require different procedures to change from standalone mode to Linkly Cloud Connect/PC-EFTPOS Cloud mode.

The usual procedure will be as such:

Press FUNC, select ‘2’ on the FUNCTION? prompt and press ENTER

On the ACCESS CODE prompt, key ‘0240’ and press ENTER

Press ENTER to bypass the TERMINAL ID prompt

On the INTERFACE TYPE prompt, select PCEFTPOS- Cloud using F3 soft key and press ENTER

On the ETH SETTINGS prompt, press SETUP Wi-Fi and connect to you local Wi-Fi.

Press “NEXT” and the device set up is complete

after completing the setup you should be prompted with the start Pairing page.

Enter the Pairing code along with your Linkly username and password and the Device will be ready to use.