How to Switch between POS and Customer Facing Display

A customer facing screen looks like the picture below.When it is switched to the customer-display mode, it cannot be used to process orders but can only display the items that were ordered by the connected ZiiPOS.

On the customer-display page, quickly tab on the lower right corner about 5 or 6 times to switch it back to the ordering mode.

On the log-in page, quickly tab on the top left corner about 5 or 6 times to switch it to the customer-display mode.

There won’t be any items displaying on it if this ZiiPOS is not connect with other ZiiPOS as the customer display screen or there isn’t another ZiiPOS device. Please click on the link to check how to set up customer display screen.

ZiiPOS – How to Set a ZiiPOS Tablet as the Customer Display Screen – Zii Help Center (

Updated on 7 February 2023