What to Do When Customers Need Warranty (When Customer Return Purchased Goods)

  • Go to warranty control.
  • Click “new” and you can see this page. Basically, the left part is the record of customer returning goods to you, and the right part is the record of you returning goods to the supplier. And it is not filled at one time.
  • Input customer’s information.
  • When receiving the returned goods, check the box of “received and click save.
  • When you contact customer, find this record and click “edit”.
  • Select a method and click save.
  • You can print a return authorization form to the customer.
  • When you return goods to the customer, check the box of “return” and click save.
  • A warranty return form will be printed.
  • When you return goods to supplier, find the record and click “edit”.
  • Check the box when send goods to the supplier.
  • Click in supplier code and press F5 to select the supplier and click save.
  • When the supplier gets back to you with a result, find this record and select a warranty result and save.
  • If replace is chosen, find the record and check the box when receive the replaced item.
Updated on 27 September 2022