Zii Inventory–How to Do Products Receiving without Purchase Orders

Go to “Other Stock In” under inventory.

Click “Add”.

Fill in these infomation. The ones with “*” are necessary.

Click “Add a line” to add products to the list.

Add the item by searching with its name or code.

Select the unit of measurement.

Choose a warehouse.

Enter the quantity.

  • Item’s location infomation is necessary if the warehouse is enabled with location management.
    Click the blank under “Detail”.
  • Click “Add a line”.
  • Record its location and click “Yes” to save.

Enter the cost price. The cost price here means unit price.

Leave a remark if needed. (Optional)

Click “Save” in the upper left corner to save this “Other Stock-in” ticket.

To approve this ticket, click “APPROVE”. Only after being approved will it be counted in the item’s stock-on-hand quantity.

Then an other stock-in ticket is done.

Updated on 30 March 2024

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