ZiiPOS – How to Show Advertising on Customer Display Screen

Displaying promotional images on a Customer Display Screen can be a useful tool for any business. You can display almost any image, from your Signature Product, to Specials or Loyalty programs, or even your upcoming holiday trading times.

1. Login to any ZiiPOS Terminal with Supervisor (or similar) level permissions.
2. Open the Settings from the left options menu.
3. Under General, select the option labelled Media (second from the top).

4. Under the heading Machine Second Display Advertisement Images, select the New button on the right-hand side.
5. Select the empty square from the slide-out menu, to upload your images, selected images will show in the Add View. Then Select the OK button at the bottom of Add New view.

6. You have now added your images, and these will now display on your CDS Stand-by screen, and in the top right of the CDS Order screen.
Use the Sort button to ensure the images are in correct order for any promotions or messaging.
Select the image to access the Delete option.

Updated on 12 September 2023

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