KDS operation

  1. Job lists will be displayed on KDS.
  • Click switch and job lists can be displayed in different ways.
  • Select a certain item in a job list then click “done” when it is finished.
  • Or click the whole job list and click “done” when this order is done.
  • Select a job list and click “detail” to check some details.
  • In “detail” page, select a certain item and click “done” when it is finished.
  • You can see the items which have been done like the circled one in the picture. Select a finished item and click “redo” so that this item can be back to the job list.
  • To find the finished orders, click “recall” and they can be checked.
  • Select an order then click “recalled orders” when you need recall an order.
  1. Select a certain item in a finished order then click “redo” if an item of a finished order needs to be redone.
  1. Click summary to check the whole finished items.
  1. Click “all jobs” to switch to “my jobs” then items not connected to this KDS can be checked. (Click here to check how to set a KDS that an item connected to.)
  1. Click the button like the circled on in the picture to change the maximum QTY of displayed orders in one page.
Updated on 28 June 2022

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