Zii Inventory–How to Add an Item to the Branch Only

Go to “Product” under “Products”

Click “ADD”.

Click “Create product for current company only”.

First of all, you need to edit its basic info.

Enter an item code and at least one name, the info with “*” is necessary.

Select its category.

To make the item display on POS page, toggle on “Show on POS”

Setup the item’s weighing and pack info if needed.

Click on “Save”.

And also you can upload a picture for this item.

Click “Discription”.

Click to open the folder and select the picture.

Click “Save”.

Then you can move on to edit its price related settings.

Click on “Pricing”.

You can set choose the tax rate and control if it is included in the sales price.

Toggle on “Allow Price Change” to allow this item’s price to be modified when doing documents, such as sales orders, quotations, and so on, in the web inventory system.

Toggle off “Allow Discount” if you don’t want this item to be discounted.

Toggle on “Open Price” to allow this item’s price to be modified in POS system.

Set up its cost price.

Setup the item’s purchase price, retail price, and wholesale price.

You can set up more price choices if you want. (Optional)

  • Click on “Add a line” to set up multiple prices.
  • You can set up a different unit and price to this item.

Set up attributes for this item if needed. (Optional)

Click “Save” to save the changes.

Updated on 20 April 2024

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