Zii Inventory–How to Generate a Purchase Order by Quotation

Go to “Requets for Quotations”

Click “ADD”.

Enter the infomation. The ones with “*” are necessary.

Setup the tax rule for this quotation.

Click “Add” to add items.

Select or search the item with its name or code.

Choose the unit.

Enter the quantity. One click on it then you can see the item’s stock in details.

Adjust the price if needed.

  • The price may be non-editable if the item isn’t enabled with open price. You can go to “Products”–>”Product”–>”Product Price”–>”Open Price” to check.

Enter the discount rate if needed.

Choose the tax type as needed.

Leave a remark if needed.

Click “Save” to save the item.

Click “Save” to save the quotation.

Click “REGISTER EXPENSES” to register some extra expenses, such as freight, if needed.

Click “SEND BY EMAIL” to email this quotation if needed.

To approve this quotation, click on “APPROVE”.

And after being approved, a quotation order will transfer to a purchase order.

Updated on 4 February 2024

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