How to set different conditions 

Setup Various Sales & Purchase Condition is the setting of Company policy and condition to be printed on corresponding form such as receipts or invoices.

Setup various Sales & Purchase Condition includes:

Quotation Condition Setup

Invoice Condition Setup

Purchase Order Condition Setup

Point of Sales Condition Setup

Lay-by Sales Condition Setup

Warranty RA Form Condition Setup

  • Select these functions from System menu
  • A blank page will popup, any detail entered. will be displayed on future corresponding form.

You can enter the conditions that apply to each option which you wish to be printed on the receipts or invoices by using the below button keys:

 Save button to save the entered condition.

 Undo button to cancel the original message.

 Cut button to delete the entered condition.

 Copy button to duplicate the entered condition on other sales & Purchase

condition setup.

Paste button to paste the copied condition on the selected path.

For example:

In Invoice Condition Setup, a condition might be the return policy of products

such as “For purchased products refund, products have to be in the original

package within 7 days from the date of purchase.”

For Lay-by Sales, “Payments minimum amount $5, please complete payments

within 3 months of purchase.”

Message will then be appeared on all printed invoices.

Updated on 12 July 2022

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