Zii Inventory–How to Register Expenses

You may want to register some expenses like delivery, freight, or package while doing a sales or purchase order. This guide will walk you through the process of it.
But before we get started, please ensure that you’ve set up the register expenses well. If not, please refer to:
Zii Inventory-How to Set Up Expense Types – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)

Double click or one click on “Edit” of the order that you want to register expenses to.


Click on “Add”.

Select an expense type.

Choose a supplier. For instance, choose the corresponding delivery company if freight fee is the expense type.

Enter an amount.

Select a staff.

Turn on this button if this expense is on the client’s.

Select a party to be responsible for this expense.

Drag the scroll bar and you can see “Addtional info”, you may use it to leave a note.

Click on “Save”.

This is the process for registering expenses. And you can find existing expense records in “Expenses List”.

Updated on 31 October 2023