ZiiPOS Retail–How to Do Sales Refund

Method I Sales Order Related Refund

  • Under this method, a refund has to be generated by a sales order. So you must find the sales order to do the refund.

Tap the button in the top left corner.

Go to “Invoices”.

Setup the time range to search.

Or search the order by serial number or item code.

Select an order.

Click “Sales” Refund.

Click the item.

You can modify the refund quantity or price.

Click “OK”.

Tick “Return of Goods” if the item has been returned.

Click “Confirm”.

Choose a refund method.

  • If “Refund” is chosen, then choose a payment method and input the amount and then press “Continue Payment”.
  • Or you can give credit notes by clicking “Create Credit Notes”. Then it will show you this. Click “Exit” to exit.

Method II– Sales Order Unrelated Refund

  • Under this method, a refund doesn’t require a related sales order; it can be generated by negative quantity sales.

Chooes the item from the panel or by scanning.

Enter a negative figure as the quantity that needs to be refunded.

Hit “Continue to Payment”.

It will recognize this transaction as goods returning.

Select a refund method.

Hit “Confirm Payment”.

Hit “Exit”.

Updated on 15 April 2024

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