How to Delete an Item Before Or After Sending

Before sending

Delete an item BEFORE SENDING by swiping the item to the left and clicking on the button like the one circled in picture below.

After sending

With the button “in advance checkout” on (click here to check details).This order has NOT been sent to kitchen yet even you have clicked “send”, instead a payment page will pop up. And items will have a pink background.

  • Click the circled “X” button.
  • Choose “yes”.
  • You can back to the very first page. Click the table again.
  • Swipe the item that needs to be deleted then click the circled button.
  • The item is deleted. Click “send” again.
  • Payment page will be displayed.

Under “checkout later” mode, click on “send” and this order WILL be sent to kitchen.

  • Items that have been sent will show in pink background, swipe the one needed to delete and click the button like the circled one in the picture.
  • Make sure to SEND THIS ORDER AGAIN to update the job lists.
Updated on 27 September 2022

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