How to Place an Order

Order type choosing

With the “table layout mode” button on, you can see this page. (Click here to check “table layout mode” setting.)

Choose a dining mode in circle 1 or select a table in circle 2 for dine-in.

With the “table layout mode” button off, the menu will directly show up. You can see this page.

Click “order type” to choose a dining mode.

Pages of ordering will look like these samples when “delivery” or “pick-up” is chosen. Select a serving time and click “ok”.

Select a time and click send later to hold this order, which means only after a certain time will this order be sent to kitchen

Placing an order

  • Choose a menu. Click the circled place like the one in picture below.
  • Choose a menu group and categories belonging to it will be displayed.
  • To find the item quickly, you can search it or select a category which the item belongs to.
  • Click on send to place the order.

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Updated on 26 August 2022

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