ZiiPOS – How to Apply Order Discount

When entering a customer order, you can apply a discount to the whole order.
This can be applied by a set Template amount or percentage, or by a Dollar value.

Note: Only 1 discount amount can be applied to the whole order. If you set a second Discount to the order, it will clear and override the previous entry.

1. From the Order screen, make sure at least 1 product is entered. In the top left, select the Right Arrow button, next to Customer input.

2. Click on Discount.

3. Any predefined discounts will show, with the rate and name. (Click here to check discounts settings.)
Select the applicable rate, or select Manually discount to input the amount.

ZiiPOS – Select discount method for the Order
ZiiPOS – Manual input of Order Discount amount

4. Then select the OK button to apply the selected or entered Discount.

5. The order now has been discounted.

Updated on 31 August 2022

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