How to Do Purchase Refund

  • Go to “debit notes (purchase refund)”.
  • Click on New to create a new Debit note, and a stock received list will appear.
  • Search for the appropriate Supplier either by Date or Stock Received No.
  • Double click the QTY to modify how many items you need to refund.  
  • Once finalized, press Save, and you will be automatically prompted to the print preview screen for the Debit note.
  • From the Debit Notes/ Purchase Refund menu option, you can make changes to existing debit notes and issue a new debit note. Just click Edit, select the appropriate Debit note, make changes and press Save to print out.
  • Note: Items that has been debited, or that appear on Debit notes will be redraw from Stock Receive (Stock On Hand) by Digital Data Assist automatically.
Updated on 28 September 2022

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