How to purchase

Method one: manually generate a purchase order.

  • If it is a new product, then create new products first.
  • Order from suppliers. Go to “purchase order”.
  • Click “new” to create a new purchase.
  • Input the name of the supplier and press enter. Check the boxes as you need.
  • Then supplier’s information will be displayed. Delivery address and other charges can be set in the circled place.
  • Scan the bar code or press F5 in Code field to select existing products. Make changes on Price and Quantity if necessary.
  • Press Save to save the new purchase order.
  • Once a new purchase order is finalized, the print preview screen will appear and the order can be printed off.
  • Click on Edit to make change on existing purchase order.

Method two: generate a purchase order by stock request report

  • Go to stock request report.
  • Set a date and click “search”.
  • Check the box and click to select a supplier.
  • Select an item and click “generate order”.
  • Click “close”.
Updated on 13 July 2022

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