How to Pay for Purchase (After Receiving)

There are two ways to find a purchase order to pay.

Method one: by accounts payable list. Under this method, orders to all suppliers can be checked.

  • Go to accounts payable list.
  • Click search and purchase orders can be checked. Or you can find a certain order by check the boxes then search.
  • Select an order and click on “Payment”, and then you will see this page.
  • You can change the payment as you need.

Method 2: by accounts payable

  • Go to “accounts payable”
  • Click in “supplier code” and press F5.
  • Select a supplier and click “ok”.
  • You can check some details by clicking “detail”
  • You can change the amount as you need.
  • Select a method and click “save”.
Updated on 7 May 2023

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