How to Do Quotation

  • Go to “quotation/internal order” in “sales”.
  • Press New for New Quotation.  
  • Double click or press F5 in customer to select a customer, or press F6 to create a new customer.
  • Press F5 for existing product lists.
  • Select an item and click “detail” then you can check some history information.
  • Select an item and click “ok”.
  • Click to change its qty or price as you need.
  • Double click to check to see sales price history list of this customer.
  • Check the box of “confirm”, the corresponding qty will transfer to stock committed, otherwise there is no change for stock qty.
  • Set a expire date. If there are still items left after expire date for a confirmed quotation, the qty of stock committed will transfer back to stock available.
  • Press Save to save the quotation. Quotation records will be show in Quotation/Internal Order Inquiries.
Updated on 30 April 2023

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