What to Do When a Customer Comes to Pay an Invoice Sale

After saving an invoice sale, when customers come to pay for it, there are two ways to find the order.

Method 1: by “receivable list”. Under this method, you can see all receivable orders of all customers. And it can be paid in installment.

  • Go to accounts receivable list.
  • It can be searched by date, customer No., etc. Check a box and click “search”.
  • Select an invoice order and click “payment”.
  • Uncheck the box and payment will not be forced to balance.
  • Then this order will be displayed like this.
  • Select an order and click “invoice detail” to check details of this order.

Method two: by accounts receivable. Under this method, you can check orders of a certain customer.

  • Go to accounts receivable.
  • Click in customer No. and press F5 to select a customer.
  • Selecting a customer and clicking “ok”, you can see orders belong to this customer.
  • Input invoice amount here and select a payment method.
  • Or click pay amount of an item to change to the amount needed to pay.
  • Click save.
Updated on 12 May 2023

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