How to Find a Report for Categories or Item Groups About Sales QTY and Amount for a Certain Day or Certain Time Range–Daily Report

  • Click the button like the circled one in picture below and click “daily report”.

The sales report for a certain day or certain time range.

  • Click the circled place and set a date range and time range. If your business hours ending time exceeds 12pm, it will be displayed in the next day.
  • Click search to check the report for the certain day or the certain time you set.

The sales report for different order types.

  • Click on order type to check reports under different type.

The sales report for categories or item groups.

Click on “category” to check the sales report for categories. Or click on “group” to check the sales report for item groups.

  • The right part will show you details like total sales, receivable, received, ect.
Updated on 26 May 2023

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