How to Pay by Deposit 

  • This is the page of POS
  • Click “search member“.
  • Input member code and push enter to search.
  • Member information can be checked.
  • Click “ok” and this member’s name will be shown in the circled place.
  • Click “payment”.
  • Select “deposit” from payment methods, or you can find it in “other payment method”.
  • A verification code is needed to input.
  • Customer has to find e-card in Zii App.
  • Click corresponding card and click “deposit payment”.
  1. Input a password.
  1. Get the verification code.
  1. Input the code offered by customer and you can see the amount of payment with deposit and unpaid amount. After being paid, click “ok”.
  1. Receipt page will pop up and click “exit”.
Updated on 14 April 2023

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