ZiiPOS Classic–How to Pay by Gift Cards

This guide will walk you through the steps of how to pay by gift cards.

If you have not created any gift cards or set the payment method yet, please refer to the guides below.
How to Create Physical Gift Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)
How to Create E-Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)
How to Assign or Revoke Physical Gift Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)
ZiiPOS Classic–How to Enable the Gift Card as a Payment Method – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)

On the POS page, click on “Payment”.

Check if “GIFT CARD” shows, if not, click on “OTHER PATMENT SELECT” and then you can find it.

After “GIFT CARD” is chosen, you can see the pop-up.

Scan or enter the card ID and press “Enter” on keyboard, and it will show the balance.

Enter the PIN and click on “OK”.

It will notice you with “Verifying”, and after a while you will be back to the payment page.

You can adjust the payment amount as needed.

Click in the second line, and it will autofill with the balance.

You can also choose a payment method for it, which will allow you to use different methods to pay.

Click on “OK” when you’re done.

Then you can print receipts or exit.

Updated on 22 May 2023

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