How to Create E-Cards

  • Find a field named “gift card”
  • Choose “gift card” then click “card faces”. Click “new”.
  • Select image files (no bigger than 2M each).
  • Choose “gift card” and click “batches”
  • Click “create” to create physical card or e-card.
  • Choose e-cards and fill the blanks.
  • You can set a fixed value. Or turn on “customer value” and set a discount rate, minimum value and maximum value so that customers can choose the value by themselves.
  • Click “save” and you can see the cards you set list here.
  • Click it to see more details.
  • You can click “Modify” to change the card settings. (The card which had been sold will not be efftected.)
  • Here is an expaml of e-cards selling page.
Updated on 6 May 2023

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