ZiiPOS Classic–How to Sell a Gift Card

This guide will walk you through the steps of selling gift cards. If you have not created any gift cards in the system yet, please refer to the three guides below.
How to Create Physical Gift Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)
How to Create E-Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)
How to Assign or Revoke Physical Gift Cards – Zii Help Center (ziicloud.com)

On the POS page, click on “More Function”.

Go to “Gift Card Sales”.

Scan or enter the card ID, and then press “Enter” on the keyboard.

It will show the card’s value and its selling price which was set up on Portal before.

Enter a phone number.

Choose a payment method.

Click on “OK”.

Receipt printing out means this transaction is successful.

Updated on 22 May 2023

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