How to Set Allow a Certain QTY of Items Sold as a Lower Price–Consolidate Special

Consolidate special means you can set a rule that allow a certain quantity of items sold as a lower price.

  • Go to “product item maintenance utility”.
  • Click on the item you need and go to the price page.
  • Select “enable consolidate special”.
  • Set rules as you need.

If total price is chosen, input a figure as the quantity requested. Only the item sold as the quantity you set can the consolidate special be activated.

If unit price is chosen, input “1” in qty and set a price. Then the item will be sold as the unit price you set.

  • Check the box of “disable special term” or uncheck the box but set a period that the consolidate special can be used.
  • Click “save” to save the change.
Updated on 10 April 2023

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