How to Set to Allow Discount for a Group Including Items Even They Are Different Kinds—Family Group Special

Family special price means you can set several items even different as a group which allow to discount.

Before you set a family price rule, go to “product item maintenance utility” and create a new item. And named it with the discount rule. (If you don’t know how to set a new item, please refer to How to Create a New Item – Zii Help Center (

  • Go to “product family setup”.
  • Click “new”.
  • Input a code and a name. Then set a rule for this special price.
  • Choose “total price” and set a quantity rule. Click “discount item code” and press F5 to find the new item you just set. Then click “save” to save the rule.
  • Then select this rule and click “assign family” to choose the items which can be applied this special rule.
  • Select the items you need than quickly click twice.
  • Or you can search the items as you need.
  • Check the box of “enable family mix and match specials” and click “assign family” to active this price rule to these items.
Updated on 11 April 2023

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