How to Charge other Fees or Service Fees

set service charge and other charge

  1. Click the button like the one circled in the picture and find a selection named “profile”.
  • Find two files named “service charge” and “other charge”, and drop down this page till you find a modify button then turn it on.
  • Drop back and you can choose whether turn the service charge button on.

With this button on, you can see the default name as service fee, or you can change the name as your need. Also the rate and effect time range can be modified.

Below it there is “other charge”

Turn on this button and you can set other charge. You can set the name and rate. Under the “type” selection, you can choose that this charge works on all items in your menu or some specific items.

  • Drop down this page and click “save” to save the change.
Updated on 28 July 2022

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