How to do refund

  • This is the page of POS

Click here to go to POS

Sales refund:

Click and input invoice number, or scan the barcode at the bottom of receipt. Or you can click on “print invoice” to find theinvoice No. of the order you need.

You will see this page.

Item refund

Select the item needed to refund and click the first button to move it to “refund items”

Click “ok” and select a refund method to finish refund process.

Select an item and click this button to move it back.

Order refund

Click the second button if you need to refund all goods.

Partial item refund

Selecting the item and clicking the third button, you can input a QTY of the item needed to refund.

Click “OK” and part of this item can be refunded.

Updated on 26 August 2022

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