Cloud Menu–How to Setup the Recommended Menu

Starting from ZiiTO version 1.2.7, the recommended menu can be setup. Please follow this guide for setup.

Item Settings

Please go to Zii – Dashboard ( to process.

  • After logging into “Portal”, click the button in the top left corner and go to “Menu”.
  • Click on the eye-like icon of the menu that you want to edit

Click the item.

Toggle on “Recommended Item” and save.

ZiiTO Settings

On ZiiPOS homepage, tap the button in the lower left corner and go to “Settings”.

Tap the button on the left.

Go to “TO”.

Ensure “Automatically Balance Order for Each Item” is toggled off.

Then on ZiiTO, when customers hit the cart, the recommended items will display.

  • PLEASE NOTE: It will only recommend items that fall under the current display categories.

Then customer can choose to skip or add the item.

Updated on 8 July 2024

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