How to connect ZiiPOS with Consillion Cash Machine


Please make sure you have start your Consillion cash machine and bind the IP address at the first.

Once you completed the connection, your cash payment method will be take over by cash machine.

This guide is suitable for
Inlane Desktop
Inlane Depo

This process will take about 5 Mins

In short, the following task that we need to do the following task

  1. find the cash machine IP address
  2. go to the ZiiPOS setting, input cash machine IP address
  3. save and test connection

Start with this guide

1. Please contact with consillion team to get your machine IP address

2. Start ZiiPOS / ZiiPOS Go!, then get into tablet Setting

3. at the Cash machine type section, click the drop down button

4. then select Consillion

5. Enter your Consillion Cash machine IP address, then press save

6. Press OK,Back to main login screen


To test your connection,
1. you need login to the system, the cash box button from the shot cut bar at the top

3. Click Cash Machine Maintenance

4. Enter your operator password

5. when you login the cash machine screen, if you can see all the note, it means your seeting is completed successfully

Updated on 10 July 2024

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