How to Set a Rule for Minimum or Maximum Reservation People

Please follow the setps to set up.

  • Click on “Reservation.”
  • Click on “General” .

Then you can set up the minimum and maximum people for per reservation.

Click on “Save” and click on “Yes” to save.

Please note: for maximum people per reservation rules, the priority of the seats at the table in ZiiPOS settings is higher than the maximum people per reservation rule on Portal. That means, in ZiiPOS settings, if there are only four seats at most, even if the maximum number of people per reservation is set to be six, there will be no choice for customers to make. Click the link to check the seats settings: Set up Your Tables – Zii Help Center (

For the minimum people per reservation rule, the minimum required people for the table on Portal will be defaulted to the same as its number of seats in ZiiPOS settings. For example, the minimum number of people required for a four-seat table is four, so customers will have no choice when they reserve a table for three, even if the minimum number of people per reservation rule is set to be one. Click the link to check: How to Modify Minimum Number of People Required for a Table – Zii Help Center (

Updated on 20 March 2024

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