How to Set Available Time for Online Order

This article will show you how to modify available time for online order.

Sign in “Portal.”

Find a field named “time”

There are two modes for you to choose.

Mode I

  • Turning the “Custom Store Settings” on, it means customers can choose when will they need to pick up or delivery.
  • You can choose to only accept the orders which on the day of delivery/pick-up or not.
  • You can set to allow customers choose delivery or pick-up with certain days. For instance, customers can place an order for pickup tomorrow if you set up “2.”
  • Click on the pencil-like button and you can modify the available time for pick-up or delivery on the day you selelct.
  • Divide opening hours into single time ranges as you need so that customers can choose, otherwise customers won’t see any available time.
  • Click on “Save” to save your settings.

Mode II

  • Turning the “Custom Store Settings” off, it means that customers can only pick up or deliver immediately.
Updated on 16 December 2022

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