How to Add a Printer in System

Normally, the printer is connected to ZiiPOS by internet. Before you process on ZiiPOS, please check the IP address of the printer.

  • Go to your printer and then press on the power button to power it off.
  • Press the power button and the feed button at the same time for 5 seconds to get a “SELF-TEST” page.
  • On the “SELF-TEST” page you will see an “IP Address”.

Please go to ZiiPOS to process.

  • Click on the “toolbar button” in the lower left corner.
  • Click on “Settings” in the toolbar.
  • Click on the button on the left and go to “Printer”.
  • Click on “New” in the upper right corner at the “Printer Devices” page.
  • Select a printer model, which usually is TP809 or Built-in.
  • Choose the port to be “Net” and enter the IP address printed out on the SELF-TEST page. And set the name.
  • Click on “Save” and then click on “Yes” to save.

Go back to the home page, then log out and log in again to make your setting effective.

Updated on 12 September 2023

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