How to Clear TYRO’s Pending Receipts Memory

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My Tyro EFTPOS machine is printing receipts from previous days

Tyro EFTPOS machines are able to process transactions without a receipt roll inside the printer compartment.

If you have been using your Tyro EFTPOS machine without a receipt roll, when you put paper into the printer compartment the machine will start to print all the transactions from the past until all the transactions that were completed have been printed.

If your Tyro EFTPOS machine is printing out a backlog of receipts, you can clear any that are pending by completing the following:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Select Network and Diagnostics
  3. Select Pending Receipts
  4. Select Clear Pending Receipts

If there is a large number of receipts waiting to be printed, it can take some time to clear them all. The Tyro EFTPOS machine will display on the screen how many are pending and when they have been successfully cleared.

If you don’t have paper in the printer or don’t manually clear out your pending receipts, the Tyro EFTPOS machine’s memory will become full over time. This may cause the machine to not turn on properly or encounter issues processing transactions. 

Updated on 4 August 2023

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