How to Stop ZiiPOS from Auto-logging out

Sometimes, ZiiPOS will auto log out after a few minutes of inactivity. To prevent ZiiPOS from auto-logging out, please follow the steps to set up.

ZiiPOS Settings

Tap on the toolbar button in the lower left corner on the ZiiPOS homepage.

Go to “Settings”.

Tap on the button on the left and drop the page down to go to “POS”.

On the “Machine” page, drop down and tap on “Modify”.

Turn off “Auto-lock Screen Function” and tap on “Save”.

Tap on “Yes” to save.

Go back to the homepage and tap on the toolbar button to log out.

On the log-in page, tap on the gear-like icon on the top right corner.

Turn off “Sign Out When Device is Locked” and then tap on “OK”.


Devices Settings


Go to “Settings” on iPad.

Go to “Display & Brightness”.

Tap “Auto-Lock”.

Choose “Never”.


All-in-One Android POS

Go to “Settings”.

Go to “Display”.

Tap “Sleep”.

Choose “Never”.

Updated on 20 March 2024

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