Basic settings (number of people, telephone number, ect)

Reservation management(Subscription required)

  1. Sign in “Portal”. (website: Zii – Dashboard ( )
  • Click reservation.

Basic settings (number of people, telephone number, ect)

Click “General” circled in picture.

How to set a rule for minimum or maximum reservation people

Input minimum or maximum reservation people. (Circle 1)

How to set a time rule for reservation

Input hours and days allowed to reserve. (Circle 2)

How to set a phone number and a manual number

Input phone numbers. (Circle 3)

How to set to allow customers to choose a meal time or not

Select a choice as you need. (Circle 4)

How to set to allow to accept more reservations than the available tables

Choose overbooking allowed or not. (Circle 5)

How to set to auto accept reservation or not

Auto accept reservation or not. (Circle 1)

How to set auto cancelling rules

Hours of reservations auto cancel. (Circle 2)

How to set when will the customer will get a reservation message.

Set hours of message sending before reservation time. (Circle 3)

How to set a mealtime displayed to customers when reserve online.

Set a default mealtime. (Circle 4)

How to set tags for customers to choose when reserve online.

Guest notes (Circle 5). You can set some tags for note, turn on and customer can choose the tag to leave a note.

Updated on 28 June 2022

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