Troubleshooting for Frozen ZiiPOS

If you are stuck on the log-in page of ZiiPOS got stucked. The user names disappear, and the screen is frozen.

Or this message will pop out.

Please follow the steps to fix it.

1. Check the Network

Normally, there should be a Wi-Fi named Zitech-xxx in your store. And the iPad has to be connected to it.

Please go to “Settings” on the iPad to check which Wi-Fi the iPad is connected to.

2. Check the Server

If all ZiiPOS in your store are installed on iPads, there should be a MiniPC in your store. Please check if there is a machine in your store that looks like the samples below.

Replug all the cables on it, and then press on the power button to reboot the server.

Then go to the iPad and restart the ZiiPOS, it should work now.

Please feel free to contact us if your ZiiPOS is still not working after completing these steps.

Updated on 14 February 2023

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