What is item image, package specs and measurement

  • Go to “product item maintenance utility” in “system”
  • Select an item and click “edit” or click “new” to create a new item.

Item image

  • Product image can be load on to POS page. Tick the Show Image on Item Select Panel. Provide the image location in the space provide below the image load from.


This spec is used to record the specs of the outer package which helpful for stock calculate.

  • Go to “others” and you can set specs of the item. This can be used to calculate stock space.

Calculate price for per unit (measurement)

  1. The Measure applies to items that are sold according to weight, unit or volume.  
  2. System can be linked to a scale to sale product item by weight. For example, the Measure could be Kg. The price that applies to the item will then be $ per Kg.
Updated on 10 July 2022

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