Zii Assist – PDA Print Issues

Q: My printed tickets or dockets are faded or look blurry.

The PDA Bluetooth printer is temperature sensitive. If you are in a cold area such as cold storage, or the warehouse heaters are yet to start on a cold winter’s day, then you may notice issues with the print quality.
Make sure to let the printer sit in a warmer area for a while before trying again.

Q: The SPL printing is misaligned.

Remove the SPL roll from the printer, re-roll or tighten the roll, and reinsert the SPL roll into the printer. The printer to auto-alight itself to the next ticket.

If issue persists, check for any dirt, dust or torn paper, that may be stuck inside the printer – Some compressed air or a dry microfiber cloth can sometime help to clean.

Q: My printed tickets or dockets are dark or look smudged.

The printer is likely too hot. The printer paper and SPL tickets use heat to print all text. Often an issue during the middle of summer, in unconditioned warehouses.
Allow the printer to cool down, then try again.

Updated on 19 July 2022

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