• ZiiPOS – Setup and Using Discounts

    Flexible discounting is available within ZiiPOS in a few different formats.
    These options include predefined and manually entered discount rates or values on the order, or a predefined or manually specified discount rate on a per item basis.
    In this guide, we will talk about how to setup the preset discounting.

  • ZiiPOS – Supported Hardware

    This guide provides a list of common equipment or specifications which is required and/or supported across the Zii software family.

  • ZiiPOS – How to Update Business Details

    Business Details are used for Invoice printing, and it is important to ensure that this is set correctly before starting trade. If any details change, it is very easy to update this information at any point.

  • ZiiPOS – How to Apply Item Discount

    When entering a customer order, you can apply a discount to any specific Order Item.
    This can be applied by a set Template amount, or manually set percentage amount.

  • Zii Assist – PDA Print Issues

    Q: My printed tickets or dockets are faded or look blurry. The PDA Bluetooth printer is temperature sensitive. If you are in a cold area such as cold storage, or the warehouse heaters are yet to start on a cold winter’s day, then you may notice issues with the print…

  • Zii Assist – PDA Printer Not Responding

    There are 2 primary causes for the printer not responding:First up is Bluetooth power saving, which will shutdown the connection to the printer.Second is a reset of the PDA software, this can sometimes be when the server is restarted – although this is less common. Follow through the below steps…