• ZiiPOS – How to Integrate Deputy

    ZiiPOS supports the integration of Deputy with your POS.This integration will allow you to easily create new Staff and record the hours actually worked (See article on ZiiPOS Attendance). Once integrated, ZiiPOS will become the central hub for creating staff in Deputy and in POS. If you already have staff…

  • ZiiPOS – How to pair your POS with Westpac Linkly (Ingenico MOVE/5000)

    Part I: ZiiPOS Settings Tap the toolbar button in the lower left corner. Tap “Settings”. Tap the button on the left, and then drop down a little bit to go to “Method”. Tap “EFTPOS” and tap “Modify”. Set it to be “Link to EFTPOS”. Tap “Save” and tap “Yes” to…

  • ZiiPOS – How to Pair a Zeller Terminal

    ZiiPOS integrates with Zeller via Linkly Cloud Connect, so you can connect to your payment terminal via the cloud. Getting started Make sure your Zeller Terminal is POS Cloud Integration ready by: 1. Ensuring you have the option to setup Cloud POS Pairing (Check your Integration menu in Zeller) 2….

  • Tyro – How can I enable surcharging?

    Surcharging must be set through the Tyro Portal. Tyro will provide you with your cost of acceptance for each card type; however, it is at your discretion to determine the applicable surcharge that you would like to apply. You may choose to include additional eligible costs that are not included…

  • ZiiPOS – Setup and Using Discounts

    Flexible discounting is available within ZiiPOS in a few different formats.
    These options include predefined and manually entered discount rates or values on the order, or a predefined or manually specified discount rate on a per item basis.
    In this guide, we will talk about how to setup the preset discounting.

  • ZiiPOS – Supported Hardware

    This guide provides a list of common equipment or specifications which is required and/or supported across the Zii software family.

  • ZiiPOS – How to Update Business Details

    Business Details are used for Invoice printing, and it is important to ensure that this is set correctly before starting trade. If any details change, it is very easy to update this information at any point.