ZiiPOS – How to Integrate Deputy

ZiiPOS supports the integration of Deputy with your POS.
This integration will allow you to easily create new Staff and record the hours actually worked (See article on ZiiPOS Attendance).

Once integrated, ZiiPOS will become the central hub for creating staff in Deputy and in POS. If you already have staff created, it will create a new account as there is no matching of newly created/linked POS accounts and the Deputy Staff accounts.

Helpful Tip: Open ZiiPOS and Deputy as separate tabs in your internet browser.
This will allow you to easily navigate between the two sites.

1. Login into Deputy.
Ensure you are logged in as an administrator.

2. Copy the URL and add the below to the end of the URL.


Your URL should look similar to this now


Copy the new URL into a new web browser page

NOTE: Copy and save the base URL, you will need this later.
Should look like https://50263b07xxxxxx.au.deputy.com

3. Click New OAuth Client

4. Setup the OAuth Client Name as “ZIIPOS” and type app.ziicoud.com into Redirect URL.
Click Save this Oauth client

5. Now you will see the option Get an access Token – Click on it

6. The below page should now appear. Copy this token to a text file or document – you will need it shortly

7. Log in to Zii Portal (https://portal.ziicloud.com/) and navigate to Integrations, click Connect on the Deputy Integration option.

8. Paste the Token (from Step 6) and URL (from Step 2) in the respective boxes and save.

Updated on 3 October 2023

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