How to Control if Sub-Menu Pages Auto-Pop up or Not

In previous versions, when you place an order in ZiiPOS, it will always go to the sub-menu page (instructions and option sets page) automatically if the item is assigned instructions or option sets. Now, starting from V2.6.7, you can choose if the sub-menu page auto-pops up.

Before you start, please make sure that the account that you are logging in with is an administrator account.

Tap the toolbar button in the lower left corner of the ZiiPOS homepage.

Go to “Settings”.

Tap the button on the left and go to “Item”.

Tap to choose the item that you need to modify.

Tap “Extra Settings”.

Turn on “Don’t auto-enter the submenu page

Tap “Save” and tap “Yes” to save.

Now when it comes to order, it won’t go to the item’s instruction page automatically.

Tap the item and tap “Edit sub” if you need to add instructions or option sets to this item.

Updated on 9 October 2023

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